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Cluster PvP x10 No Wipe

Online players: 31
Total players: 2464
Vip players: 33


We have a series of commands available on all our ARK servers with which you can perform certain operations in the game. The commands are as follows:

/suicide: Kill your own character.
/points: With this command you visualize the available points in your account.
/shop page number: Replacing page number by a number from 1 to 15, you check the available dinos, their ID and their points cost.
/buy ID: You buy the dino corresponding to the ID that you add.
/send 'Steam Name' Points: You send points to the player with the specified Steam Name. The name of Steam must be in single quotes.
/ping: Check the response time in milliseconds between your PC and the ARK server.
/fill name o /fill !name: Reload the turrets that contain name in their name or that do not contain !name in their name. Example: /fill heavy
/turrets option: Set the turrets by replacing option with one of the following options:
  • on: Turns turrets on.
  • off: Turns turrets off.
  • low: Sets turret range to low.
  • medium: Sets turret range to medium.
  • high: Sets turret range to high.
  • all: Sets turret targets to all targets.
  • playertamed: Sets turret targets to all players and tamed.
  • player: Sets turret targets to only players.
  • wild: Sets turret targets to only wild dinos.
  • tamed: Sets turret targets to only tamed dinos.
  • playermounted: Sets turret targets to only mounted players.
The commands /fill and /turrets have a radius of 20 foundations. This reach amounts to 40 foundations for players who have made at least one purchase of points in our shop and 80 foundations for VIP players.

You have available a list with the commands to claim any object or dino in the shop section.

Vip commands

/paint Region Color: Paint a part of your dinosaur of a specific color. The dino regions are defined with a number from 0 to 5 and the color with a number from 1 to 56. You can see a list of possible colors here. These colors endure to such an extent that the offspring of your dinos will inherit them. To use this command you must belong to a tribe.

To convert your account permanently to Vip, you must add a number of transactions in our store for € 20.