Rules Rules   


Cluster PvP x10 No Wipe

Online players: 31
Total players: 2464
Vip players: 33


  • Prohibited offensive language or spam.
  • It is allowed to attack mounts in passive, this does not suppose a sanction since it is something impossible to verify.
  • Forbidden to build in artifact caves or near the entrance. The artifact caves must be accessible to any user. This is also applicable to obelisks.
  • It is forbidden to place boats in the boundaries of the map, that is, it is forbidden to place them in such a way that they are inaccessible to 100% of their perimeter. Boat that we find breaching this will be automatically destroyed.
  • It is selfish to destroy buildings and not build a base that can destroy you. An essential part of PvP is construction, so we do not tolerate tribes that are exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of weapons and raids.
  • Prohibited to trade server assets for real money. It is a definitive ban for both the buyer and the seller.